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Kennel Address:  2910 Hannon Road, Billings, MT 59101
Mailing Address: PO Box 1282, Billings, MT 59103
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We are open Every day from.:
1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We are open every Holiday
even Thanksgiving and Christmas

If you cannot visit us during
these afternoon hours,
please call (406) 896-1700 or
(406) 860-8735 to make
a special appointment.
Next Scheduled Date is:
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•  Cats $65
•  Dogs male $95
•  Dogs female $110

Fee includes Spay or Neuter, Rabies and Distemper and Parvo (dog) Vaccinations

If you can help sponsor a Dog or a Cat Spay/Neuter, you can sponsor through STAR DONOR or stop by the shelter. You can also deposit directly into our account at any Western Security Bank. We have started a spay neuter fund there through a grant from WSB
which has been used.

We have been able to spay or neuter over 400 Cats and Dogs through the Western Security Grant. Please
help us to continue this

Your donation of just $25 for a Cat
or $40 for a Dog would
Did you know that because more people don't spay and neuter...
There are 45 dogs and cats for every person born.
Only 1 of 10 dogs and 1 of 12 cats ever get a home.
800 dogs & cats are KILLED each HOUR in the U.S. because there aren't enough homes. 
25-30% of pets in shelters are purebred.

Featured Pets
Hi, my name is Genevieve!
I am about 5 years old, current on all vaccinations, dewormed and spayed. I was wandering around HHP, so those kind pet angels brought me in and tried to locate my owner, but no luck.  I am very calm and love to hang out on a soft bed, just waiting for a good petting.  I get along with other cats, dogs don't bother me, and I kinda like kids, too!  These pet angels say I’m a very sweet and loving kitty cat!  I do need some dental help, though.  I have a gum disease that requires monthly injections at $50 each time.  If I could get my teeth pulled, then that will stop the gum disease and monthly injections.  Surgery is about $450, if anyone could help with that I’d be forever grateful. 

Taylouse was surrendered by an owner that "didn't have the room for him" after a friend gave Taylouse to him.

Volunteer at the Kennel or in Your Home
Now that we've finished most of the remodeling, we need several new volunteers to take care of the animals coming to us every day. Some of our most-needed workers include: direct care of the cats or dogs, foster care, cleaning, handyman services, errands, special events, phone calls. Please call Angie at 406-860-8735, and thanks in advance! Right now, we really need volunteers who can help build fences for the dogs.  -Read a letter from a Volunteer-

Foster an Animal in Your Home
Now that we've remodeled, we're updating and expanding our list of foster "parents" for cats and dogs. This can be very rewarding work. Now that kitten and puppy season is upon us, the need is great. So please call (406) 860-8735 today, to find out more about fostering animals.

Make a Financial Donation
Help for Homeless Pets has been a 501(c)(3) charity since 1998, which means all your contributions are tax-deductible. Please mail a check to: Help for Homeless Pets, PO Box 1282, Billings, MT 59103

Make an In-Kind Donation
Here are some things we can really use: a desktop computer built in the past 2 years that can handle pictures & videos with no problems, such as "jpg" & "mpg" of the animals. A used laptop computer in fairly good condition made in the last 4 years. A light-duty copier, or one of those all-in-one printers made, within the last 2 years, that allows you to scan, print, and copy. We also need old towels & blankets. If you have things you think we can use, please call Angie at (406) 860-8735 today.

Now You Can Donate Online
Star Donor Charity Solutions, a secure donation processing system, accepts four major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. If you wish to direct your donation to a special purpose such as "Cats Only," just note that in the section, "Special Instructions or Comment." Just click on the button below:

Even a small donation can make a big difference in the life of a homeless animal. We thank you for your help!

Shop for Charity
And now, yet another way to help: When you shop online using, your choice of over 350 online retailers will donate up to 35% of your purchase to Help for Homeless Pets. Participating retailers include Barnes & Noble (, eBay, OfficeMax, Dell,, and To get started, just click on the link below:

Feral Cats Need Homes and Sponsors
HHP is in great need of more people who can provide homes for feral (wild) cats, or who can foster the cost of spaying or neutering a feral cat. Many of these feral cats come from lower-income apartment complexes or trailer courts, where they have been left behind after a resident moves away. Others are unwanted children of cats that do have homes. They reproduce very rapidly, and the results are simply tragic. If you have a shed or you are willing to build them a simple shelter and can provide daily food and water, please call Angie at (406) 860-8735.

If you can't provide a home for such a cat, there's still a lot you can do. Please consider sponsoring the cost of fixing a feral cat: it's $35 for a full sponsorship, which includes shots, or $20 for a partial sponsorship. If you know a feral cat or "trailer court kitty" that needs this help, call Kathy at (406) 208-0039 to make an appointment to get the animal spayed and to obtain instructions, assistance, and transportation, if necessary.

Here's an article from the Billings Gazette describing the work that HHP has done for feral cats: Friends Look Out for Welfare of Feral Cats.

Donate to United Way
Donate to United Way and Choose Help For Homeless Pets as your Charity
"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." ~ Burke

Pet Tech Recycling
Donate your electronic recyclables to our shelter.

Deliver your items to our shelter any day between 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

All proceeds will benefit Help For Homeless Pets.

Click poster above for larger image.
On the floor no more!

Thousands of dogs in animal shelters across the country sleep on cold, wet, concrete floors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cats in cages have little alternatives to sleeping in their litter pans.

A Message from the President of Kuranda Dog Beds
"We support the good work that animal shelters and rescue organizations do on a daily basis to help animals.

We have created comfortable, durable, easy to clean bedding to provide comfort and enrichment for the dogs and cats in your care. "

Mike Harding
Kuranda Dog Beds
Click Here to donate a bed today
Angie Cook was stunned when a Billings family pooled its resources and talents to raise more than $1,600 to help her crowded animal rescue operation, Help for Homeless Pets.

Hung, 11, Nini, 9, and Long, 7, have spent most of their summer break selling lemonade during garage sales and offering their lawn-mowing and raking skills to neighbors and family to raise money for the facility.

~Read more~
Billings family raises $1,600 for animal rescue organization
Help for Homeless Pets